Will a battery affect my Feed in Tariff?

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Will a battery affect my Feed in Tariff?

Will a battery affect my feed in tariff?

The first concern most clients have when considering solar battery storage is, “will a battery affect my feed in tariff?” The good news is that it won’t. Ofgem have confirmed that your generation tariff will not be affected in any way, and is unlikely to affect export tariff for many years, if at all. The battery is installed after your invertor and generation meter so has no influence or impact on your generation.

Many people have invested in Solar PV technology and have reaped the benefit from the ongoing income generated through the ‘Feed in Tariff’ or FIT. Whether you were an early adopter and benefited from a high tariff or got on board after 2012 when the systems price dropped along with the tariff rate, you’ll understand what a difference that extra income can make.

The feed in tariff for new Solar PV installs is coming to an end and will stop after March 2019. Customers wishing to benefit from installing and signing up to this tariff will need to install their systems before this date to ensure they don’t miss out.

Read the full guidance on the Feed in Tariff from Ofgem here.

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