Demand for Solar Energy Storage Set To Soar
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Demand for Solar Energy Storage Set To Soar

Demand for solar energy storage batteries set to soar as other countries embrace and develop cutting edge technology.

There is a growing section of the population in this country who want to exercise personal responsibility and make changes to the way they consume energy, reduce their carbon footprint and save on ever increasing energy costs.

With Client Earth taking legal action for the third time against the UK Government over their persistent failure to tackle air pollution, the need for alternative clean, renewable energy has never been more apparent.

Despite the potential to increase efficiency and stabilise the grid, use of solar power storage has been largely ignored in the UK. However, with the more affordable costs of lithium-ion storage systems, the Government can no longer avoid the inevitable march of progress and needs to support the solar industry with well-crafted policy.

As far back as 2015, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) now called the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), highlighted our aging infrastructure and the requirement for the smarter delivery of secure, clean and affordable energy.

So, you ask, what can I do? Is there a viable product that can help?

Energy Alliance at the forefront of change

Energy Alliance are leading the way by offering a range of solar storage products to meet the rising demand in the UK.

As frustration rises with increasing fuel costs, we have partnered with and work alongside the leaders in the global energy storage sector. As a result, we have carefully selected the best products for our clients in terms of safety, durability, reliability and efficiency.

Soltaro and SonnenBatteries products comprise of lithium-ion phosphate chemistry, which ensures a high level of safety and dramatically reduces the risk of ‘combustibility’ problems. To read more about the importance of safety read our article by clicking here.

The rewards of combining solar panel energy creation with storage are obvious. Energy can be used day and night with less reliance on the grid, saving hundreds of pounds on your energy bills per year.

Demand for solar energy storage will make future systems smarter

Solar power combined with storage will transform our energy system over coming years.

With integration planned for ‘community’ shared power through a network of batteries and ‘smart home’ technology allowing full control over your home’s power, energy and appliances, the future is looking bright.

Early adopters are already reaping the rewards and Acrobat Energy Alliance is committed to providing a range of products so that all of our clients can capitalize on the benefits.

Use our online solar calculator to discover your savings.

If you want to unleash and harness the true power of your solar panels call our professional experts now 0800 644 3400 to discuss which of our range is right for you.
Alternatively, you can request more information by sending an email to [email protected]

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