Solar Energy Storage Scheme Underway in UK

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Solar Energy Storage Scheme Underway in UK

A solar energy storage scheme is presently underway in the UK. 100 Homes in Cornwall are set to benefit from Energy Alliance’s partner, Sonnen, providing the cutting-edge solar storage technology.

Sonnen’s latest solar batteries, to include the ECO 9 solution, are being installed together with 300kWp of residential solar array capacity. Part of the Centrica project, the battery solution will be used together with a hybrid version which connects directly to the arrays without a separate inverter. Sonnen was chosen as the solar provider, outshining seven competitors in the tender process. For homes with existing panels, the SonnenBatterie AC-coupled units from the ECO 9 range will be used.

Energy Alliance has a range of Sonnen’s products for UK residential clients. As an approved partner, our expert team can discuss the best options for your circumstances, considering existing solar panel capabilities or exploring which panels are recommended for the most harmonious and financially beneficial combination if plans are to invest. Martin Allman, Sonnen’s director UK & Ireland, said of the Cornish project:

      The aggregation of battery assets in people’s homes in this way is absolutely how we see the UK market developing and the technology is available now to make this happen. Already we have a number of other projects in the pipeline where we can develop business models like the SonnenCommunity in the UK and Ireland.

Community usage of solar energy features strongly in the plans for future renewable energy. The Cornish participants will be able to trade energy and flexibility to the grid whilst enjoying the benefits of decreased energy bills.

If you would like to be amongst the first to benefit from this exciting new trend or learn more about our range of solar batteries, including our Sonnen range, please download our free buyer’s guide. If you would like to assess how much you are likely to save, please use our calculator by clicking here.

Our team are highly knowledgeable and happy to discuss energy storage and savings with you, please call 0800 644 3400

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