Solar Battery Buyers Guide

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Thinking seriously about Solar storage?

Here at Energy Alliance (Solar), we understand how much information there is online about Solar Storage Batteries and how confusing it can be when you start looking at the differing batteries available.

We’ve created a guide to help the navigate the advantages of Solar Storage without the waffle or complicated ‘tech’ speak. Within this guide we’ve covered an introduction to the technology along with some key questions you should ask if you are considering an investment for your home or business.


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Solar Power PV capacity has grown over 30% over the last year, even with the decline and slowdown of subsidies such as the Feed in Tariff. This has a direct link to the market for Solar Batteries which is steadily growing, taking advantage of better technology, lower costs and increased investment opportunities because of this emerging area of sustainable energy production and storage.

Consumers are accustomed to using battery technology for a multitude of daily tasks with things like mobile phones. However, there is still some work to do convincing some that, for a vast number of homes, this is a truly viable way to save money year on year. Many people may start their search online but can become disillusioned due to the conflicting information available.

Here at Energy Alliance, we offer transparent, honest information with clear pricing structures. No waffle or technical babble, we want to make sure that you have the right information at hand to make an informed decision about whether a Solar Battery is right for your home and if so, which Solar Battery is right for you, your home and your pocket.


Solar Battery Buyers Guide - Flat
Your definitive Guide to buying a Solar Battery Storage System

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