Reaping the benefits of solar panels

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Reaping the benefits of solar panels

What a glorious few months, are you reaping the benefits of Solar Panels? We’d like to bet that you’ve all seen a bumper quarter on your feed in tariff, we know we did!

The question is, how can you improve your homes energy efficiency? You can of course, make a small income from the panels through the Feed in Tariff but, when it ends next year, what happens to those who haven’t tied in to this incentive?

Energy Alliance have the answer…Solar Storage Batteries.

For those thinking about investing in Solar Panels, it’s a must. A Solar Storage Battery will store any unused electricity, for use whenever you need it, day or night. Why give all your unused electricity back to the grid when it could be saving you hundreds of pounds on your utility bills as you won’t need to draw power from the grid after dark?
The addition of a battery takes a couple of hours to install and can increase your homes’ energy independence by up to 80% which give your peace of mind about future price increases on your energy bills. Energy Alliance only partner with the best Battery manufacturers such as Sonnen and Soltaro, giving you the best range of ‘tested’ products on the market, at the best price.
They offer a 10 year/10,000 charging cycle warranty with an estimated 80% efficiency after the warranty ends. Your battery will last over 20 years so you know it’s a sound investment that will pay for itself time and time again.
With the FIT, you only receive a small ‘deemed’ amount for any electricity you send back to the grid, amounting to roughly £70-100 per year. This won’t be affected by the addition of a battery and it doesn’t affect your FIT income either. It’s a win, win!
So, whether you already have Solar Panels or are thinking about investing in a Solar Storage System, give us a call. We’ve been in this marketplace for over 10 years and have the experience, knowledge and customer service we know makes the difference. Maximise your storage with a battery and get started on your energy revolution today.
Call 0800 644 5000 or email [email protected] today for more information.

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