safety first when you buy a solar battery
Safety first. Ever thought about what may differentiate one battery from another? Other than price, efficiency and of course looks, safety is a key player and should be something you should fully investigate before deciding on the right battery for your home. Sonnen only uses lithium-iron-phosphate instead of nickel-manganese-cobalt (NWC). Not only do their batteries last longer and work more efficiently they are more environmentally friendly, they are also much, much safer. Safety is something
Man stood in sunshine thinking battery storage is the future
Battery storage is the future especially with constant rising prices. Energy usage and lifestyle can often be a hot topic in the media. Consumers are advised to be more energy efficient, looking at their consumption. They are told to watch how they use their appliances and power their homes. So it is really exciting to be able to offer a safe, effective energy saving, cost cutting alternative. Sonnenbatterie have partnered with Energy Alliance to launch
join the energy revolution and save £££s
Join the energy revolution – SonnenBatterie A Masterpiece of Solar Battery Innovation. We are delighted to announce that we can now offer the SonnenBatterie to further benefit those with fully owned solar panels. The solar battery, working in conjunction with your solar panels, ensures clean energy day and night. Instead of having to use your solar energy instantly you can now store the power until you want to use it. There are other solar batteries